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The perfect mixture of nature, history and culture


Jecheon is a city located in Chungcheong Province of South Korea. The city's name derives from the Korean words "Je", which means "Dam", and cheon which means River.


It is not quite well known to foreigners but Jecheon is the city like hidden gem. Jecheon is the hub railway junction connects Seoul, north and south Gangwon province. And also Jecheon has a variety of scenic natural attractions such as Cheongpung Lake, Mt.Bibong where you can look down the magnificent view of Cheongpung Lake.


In addition Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Complex exhibits a variety of cultural heritages and artifacts that were collected from the region. And Jecheon is famous for extreme sports complex and this draws a lot of people love extreme sports. Jecheon is designated as one of the Korean Tourism cities this year. If you want to go out of Seoul for healing, trip to Jecheon will be worthful for sure. Among those attractions, this tour will take you to Cheongpung Monorail park surrounded by beautiful mountains and lake also Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Complex in a day.




Cheongpung lake Monorail provide for people to go up to the peak of Mt.Bibong and on the peak point, you can look down picturesque wide-open view of Cheongpungho lake surrounded by mountains and major attractions like Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Complex and Mt.Woraksan at one sight.

The monorail is the only one unmanned-electric monorail which go through the forests up to the peak. When you stand by on the platform, you may feel extreme tense or scary due to the dizzy steep gradient of the rail, But once you get on it, you will admire its comfort, safety and human being`s technology running by just electric without a man.

If you avert your eyes for a while, you will see wildlife animals like rabbits, birds and wild pigs among the trees and you will reach soon to the peak feeling winds from the cool forests and seeing the landscape of Cheongpung lake slowly appears.
It takes approx 50 mins for roundtrip and capacity is 6 persons.





The Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Complex is a combination of natural beauty, history and culture. It exhibits private homes, schools, and government offices of Joseon Kingdom Era. The town is uninhabited, but the houses still bear witness to how Koreans used to live. A-frame carriers, winnows, straw mats, baskets, porcelain bowls and dishes, brass spoons and chopsticks, and much more, all of which were actually used, sit under the eaves, in the kitchens, and elsewhere, seemingly undisturbed for ages. 

If you hike to the top of the hill to see the bridge and traditional houses, you will see the breathtaking view like a picture surrounded by lake and mountains. Autumn is the best season to visit here because the landscape colored in red is fantastic. 


Cheongpungho Lake Monorail



  • Enjoy riding a Monorail and seeing wild life animals in the forests


  • See wide-open view of Cheongpung lake surrounded mountains


  • Back into the living life of Joseon dynasty in Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Complex


  • Don`t miss to go up to the top of hill and see the picturesque view





Cheongpung Lake Monorail Video

Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Complex


Tour Rate























  • Minimum : 2 Pax






  • 09:00  Pick up at your hotel


  • 09:00 - 11:30 Transfer to Jecheon City


  • 11:30 - 13:00 Cheongpung Monorail Tour


  • 13:00 - 14:00 Lunch


  • 14:00 - 15:30 Visit Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Complex


  • 16:00 Return to Seoul


  • 18:30 Drop off at your hotel




  • English Speaking Tour Guide


  • Door to door roundtrip transfer service with private vehicle


  • Admission Fee



Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Complex

Wide-open view on the peak


  • Meal Expense


  • Tip for a guide  

  • None


Stone Standing Buddha 

(National Treasure No.546) 


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